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Records Search New Orleans 5.1.22

No Image records database - Access Records Search New Orleans public records database now! This site finds valuable public records using the largest public records search database on the World Wide Web. We have searched for the most useful and direct links to US public records, state public records, Canadian and Mexican public records, and public records from around the world. Use our resources to find marriage and divorce records, birth and death records

QuickPersonnel 1.6: Manage Employee, Staff and Personnel personal details, attendance and lots more.
QuickPersonnel 1.6

Personnel is a fast and efficient way to store HR information securely for your employees, staff and personnel. It allows for unlimited Companies to be created and unlimited employee / personnel / staff details to be added to each company. Quick Personnel allows you to keep track of employee / personnel / staff Holidays, Absenteeism (Lateness and Illness), Training, Discipline, Correspondence, Appraisals and a whole host of other details. You can

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Instant HR Software 3.0: Instant HR takes you paperless, managing certifications, time and attendance.
Instant HR Software 3.0

Instantly manage HR, personnel records, certifications and benefits with this human resources software. Designed to meet your human resource management needs, iHR tracks compensation, education, certification, timecards, health insurance, COBRA, succession planning, EEO reports, and more. Instant HR is a powerful HRIS that also manages leave and FMLA. Add Instant Self Serve and employees can request leave online.

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Instant FMLA Software 3.0: iFMLA offers eligibility screening, automatic notifications, and expiree alerts.
Instant FMLA Software 3.0

Instantly manage FMLA, leave, personnel records, equipment and benefits with this human resources software. Designed to meet your HR management needs, iFMLA manages eligibility screening and raises alerts when FMLA runs out. It allows you to send FMLA notifications automatically and also integrates with payroll software. Instant FMLA is a powerful HRIS that can be upgraded to allow employees to check their own leave over the Internet.

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Staff Files 8.0: Staff Files HR Software is the easy way to manage employee information!
Staff Files 8.0

records. With Staff Files` quick-tab navigation system, you can track all types of personnel information in one location instead of sifting through paper file cabinets or multiple spreadsheets. Flexible reporting and printing options let you retrieve information from Staff Files in easy-to-read formats. Professional reports and letters are included, and you have the option to use data from the underlying Microsoft® Access database for advanced reporting

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Records Search Maldives 3.7.16

Records Search Maldives superior court records database - Access Records Search Maldives superior court records database now! Search court records by state, county, court type, etc. You can search by defendant name, court location or year. Superior court records database in Records Search Maldives provides information for those seeking a criminal background check from sources such as county records and public records such as court dockets.

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Simple Barcode Filer 5.0: Simplifies document filing by use of barcodes
Simple Barcode Filer 5.0

Simple Bar Code Filer simplifies document filing by the use of barcodes. The program looks in up to two locations on a scanned file for a barcode. When found the file is split and renamed the contents from the two barcodes. It is ideal for automatically filing structured files such as accounting records, student records personnel files etc. It has a watch folder option for use with a copier which allows for automatic processing in the background.

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